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We have answered some of the most common questions asked about taking drum lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, I have taught many beginner students over the years and I will be more than happy to teach you to play the drums evening if you have never picked up a drum stick in your life.

Yes, I teach students from the ages of 10 years old and upwards. Parents are welcome to sit in (and join in!) my drum lessons should they wish to.

I teach my lessons from a teaching space located on Hazelwood Grove, EH16 5SY, Edinburgh. I am also offer online tuition to students should they prefer. For more information please get in touch.

Owning a drum kit is not necessary for you to start learning to play the drums, however, finding a drum kit to practice on within a few months of your first lesson is important. There are more opportunities to use drum kits out there than you may think, for example using local rehearsal studios to rent for an hour to practice upon. You would be surprised at the number of local venues that have drum kits, whether it is at your local school, Church Hall, university music department, music store as well as a whole host of other places. Additionally, I’m in contact with several studios with rehearsal rooms all around Edinburgh so I’m sure that we can find a place close enough to your home where you can go to do practice for a good price. If you wish to buy a drum kit to practice on at home, check out an article on Music Shops in Edinburgh for more information on where to purchase a drum kit.

No, not at all - I am more than happy to teach you the basics of how music works as we go. No prior knowledge needed before our first lesson.

Yes, that is absolutely no problem at all as long as you can accept that to be able to play the music that you wish we might have to learn aspects of drumming through other songs as a stepping stone. It would be senseless to sit down at the kit and start learning a drum solo by a drumming great before you have a grasp of a simple drum beat - therefore we can certainly create a journey of lessons that enable you to play the music of one artist that draws on a variety of different sources to get you there.

If you wish to cancel a lesson there will be no charge as long as you let me know that 48 hours in advance. If you cancel a lesson with less than 48-hours warning, you will be expected to pay your normal tuition cost.

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Hazelwood Grove
EH16 5SY, Edinburgh


Hazelwood Grove
EH16 5SY, Edinburgh
Bruno Piedigrosso

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