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Hello! My name is Diego Zanelli & I am a professional drum teacher based in Edinburgh teaching a wide range of styles.

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Diego Zanelli Drum Teacher
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Diego Zanelli
Experienced Drum Teacher

Welcome to Drum Lessons Edinburgh! My name is Diego Zanelli and I am a professional drum teacher based in Edinburgh.

I studied drums for 8 years, attending drum clinics with the greatest masters such as Dave Weckl, Benny Greb, Gregg Bissonette and Thomas Lang.

I’ve been teaching drums for over 5 years, covering all ages, from 8 to 80 years old (it’s never too late to start), and all levels, from beginners to advanced for drummers who want to improve their level.

I’ve joined several bands in the last 10 years, playing different styles, but mainly rock, pop, metal and funk.

My first music projects were cover bands in which I could improve my drumming through different styles. After that I felt it was time for a change towards my own musical ideas, then I found with other musicians the Masterforce, a band which is a combination of prog-rock/metal/folk styles with a very melodic voice. In 2011 we realised the debut album “Until the end of time” which has been reviewed by the famous web site Metal Rules as one of the top 100 emergent albums of that current year and it has been distributed through the main international providers. Thanks to this project in the last years I had several studio recording experiences, like in the SAE Institute of Milan (Italy).

“A different way to learn how to play the drums: a customised method to achieve your own goals, playing along with your favourite songs and learning different styles such as rock, pop & funk.”

My other passion is teaching drums, since I do believe this instrument requires a proper technique to be played well, at least this is what happened to me when, as self-taught, I started to take lessons and my way of drumming changed completely. I'd like to share my knowledge and enthusiasm also with my pupils.

My other passion is to teach drums because I’d like to communicate the same enthusiasm and interest that my teacher taught me.

To find out more or to arrange a lesson get in touch via info@drumlessonsedinburgh.com or call 0131 358 8635.

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